Publishing Tools

Initially using WordPress free account. This may not include markdown support – could not find on dashboard. Immediate problem is need to handle bibliographic citations efficiently.

Annotum theme not availble on free accounts and may be obsolete. Look for other Google Scholar themes and extensions. Will want to use jekyll or similar anyway.

Pandoc designed to maintain publications on Github where they can be directly viewed with Github flavoured markdown and pushed to simple webservers with jekyll.

Converts between all publishing and citation formats and fully integrates with Zotero. Extensions in Haskell and scripting for citation processing in Lua.

Lua also used for Android scripting including Simpletask. Looks pythonic enough to be easy to learn and lots of textbooks available.

Can handle citations in plain text files like this:
[see @doe99, pp. 33-35; also @smith04, ch. 1]
So just start maintaining external bibtex and put references like that in blog posts without links. Assume links with URL prefixes can just be added later and meanwhile full bib can just be dumped to a WordPress page updated occasionally.
Assume entire site can be installed locally via backups and pages exported from database to flatfiles for processing with pandoc. Then loaded back or used with jekyll. There is a WordPress to jekyll extension and other related.

Also work with JATS later. See if any free WordPress themes with microformats support.
Many citations should use mneumonic abbreviations for title rather than Author/year.
For many others year of first publication more relevant than year of translation/edition.
This should not be a problem.
Meanwhile start using Zotero.
Will want to integrate Zotero with Calibre and Library Genesis client. Must include doi and md5.


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