Translating from Russian

Below are links to the two parts of the Russian version of the only other known work by Pavel V Maksakovsky as mentioned in the translator’s introduction, p ix footnote 2, bibliography p 146.

I don’t speak Russian. Any help with translation most welcome!

Maksakovsky, Pavel V., 1928 ‘K teorii tsikla i dinamika sovetskovo khozyaistva’, Bol’shevik 6: 8-28 and 7: 9-19

Also hoping for copy and then translation of the 1929 review by Boris Lifshits, as mentioned in translator’s footnote 10 to page 21 and listed in bibliography p146.

Translations, original copies and OCR versions from copies of any of the other Russian language material referenced by Maksakovsky or referring to him could also be useful!



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