Portable Monitors

Got 10.5″ Samsung Galaxy Tablet with separate but well integrated BT keyboard which is adequate and more or less perfect for portability.

Current Samsung equivalent models slightly smaller. Next larger is about 12-13″:

Assume there will be some way to use with a NUC eg NUC runs as “headless server” and Tablet displays via X-windows. Don’t need higher resolution or faster response (games etc).

Also feasible for Windows and Mac from eg:

Will eventually want to figure out how to setup/reinstall any two of NUC, Tablet and smartphone from bare metal while headless (via BT/WiFi but “protected” boot causes problems for fully headless). But not needed since can normally install NUC with monitor – especially if I also have portable monitor.

Could carry tablet in small shoulder bag but actually almost always walk with small backpack anyway. 

May want slightly larger display, still light and small enough for adding to same small backpack, along with NUC, laptop power bank, spare batteries, cables, portable DVD writer etc. Total weight similar to laptop with less capability.

Tablet can also output to HDMI via USB OTG port (and to others via adaptors).

There might also be something interesting one could do with internet adaptors for TV like Chromecast or similar. Presumably there is a protocol for carrying HDMI over internet and hopefully some FOSS Android software that takes output to Tablet screen and transmits it. (Perhaps VLC Videolan!)

Could also use as TV. Have tiny DVT that plugs directly into USB OTG port. Drains Tablet power. Special cable provides own USB power. (Large) portable antenna works although clumsy. Should also work with cable TV as its own set top box. Don’t watch TV at the moment. Only wanted eventually.

Don’t know whether there is a practical way to simultaneously use Tablet USB OTG port for HDMI to monitor. But there would certainly be other ways to get TV so don’t need TV built into monitor. (But could be convenient and there could be suitable monitors sold cheaper as “portable TVs. I saw a 10″ DVD player for $100).

Say 15″. Possibly 17″? Higher resolution and faster response optional. Minimal weight and power consumption required.

Checked Apple portable told was 13″ against current backpack. Looked like marginal fit. So 15″ may need new backpack (no problem, current folding into pocket pack good to carry as folded spare when not using a backpack). But if correct 13″ may well be adequate size instead of 15”.

Hopefully could carry large 3 drive bay NUC and extras in thief resistant shoulder bag with chains/padlocks linked to external chain and zippers on shoulder back to keep all secure while walking and attached to tables or chairs. Unfortunately no good way to attach chain to Tablet and probably for separate monitor either. Cost of separate monitor probably low enough not to matter. Tablet more expensive. Light chain threaded through keyboard hinge could help avoid quick theft but not hard to remove Tablet from keyboard. Could also consider only using small folding keyboard of phone and attaching chain to light Tablet cover if attempting to hold Tablet for reading or viewing videos while walking. Unlikely.

Belt bag and carrying folded pocket backpack would probably be ok instead of lugging everything when don’t actually expect to need Tablet or NUC. (Then current small backpack without shoulder bag just for Tablet with full keyboard in case need backpack – but hardly ever expect to need NUC or larger display. 

USB power MAY be optional. Do carry 6000mAH 3.5A at 19/16/12 V (65W) and 5V USB (2.1A) laptop power bank as fully portable power for NUC that normally uses 65W mains AC adaptor. Should enable around 30 minutes full power use without mains. Which should be enough for most purposes (relying primarily on the Tablet and only occasionally needing NUC). Hoping this would also work as UPS for NUC as charges via USB. But input charging by USB only 1A so 5W. MAYBE that will be ok in some sort of wakeable mode that can be turned on via WiFi or BT as required (and only uses hard drives when actually needed). Will mainly use a flash SSD drive to avoid using power hungry hard drives that are just for bulk storage.

Has 10 power plug adaptors for various laptops so presumably could power a monitor  that normally works with an external mains AC adaptor. 

Presumably could power both with specially made up Y adaptor (that might need some diodes).

Also carry 2 x 4000mAH USB power packs for emergency charging of phone or Tablet. (Rarely needed). Hopefully could use to extend portable life beyond 30 minutes by charging through USB input of laptop power bank at same time that it is being drained by NUC or monitor. Could carry lots more battery power if needed. But no way around limitation to 5W charging rate for laptop power bank.

So monitor that uses <5 W VERY desirable. Anything more will need to be mains tethered or USB charged (with lots of spare batteries).

None of this needed until later.

This is an example of dumping stuff out of my head as I just wasted some time while looking up the following links and am hoping that dumping them here will stop me thinking about this any more:

PS I also have a Cocoon VR headset display. Excuse being mainly that it was only $30 and theoretically that it might conceivably eventually enable (slow) walking while reading from books on smartphone with “VR” from actual reality via smartphone camera. At present I do a lot of “playing” books from phone with text to speech and BT earbuds. This works fine but completely useless for maths or other “heavy” reading. Could also work for daytime MOOC videos. (Yes I bizarrely did watch MOOC videos while walking at night – that is how slow my walking is. But I need to walk in daylight not at night.)

That was also hopefully an example of dumping stuff out of my head. No other connection with Portable Monitors.


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