Suzanne De Brunhoff

Marx On Money, Urizen Books,
isbn 0916354431, 9780916354435,
Original (French) 1973. Tr Maurice J. Goldbloom, 1976.

Preface by Duncan K. Foley.

Only read front and back matter again so far.

Table of contents and footnotes indicate serious study of Contribution to Critique and Capital 1-3. No reference to Theories of Surplus Value or Grundrisse or other manuscripts. (Probably unnecessary although recently available unpublished stuff on gold and crises might be interesting).

Postscript to second edition indicates author developing further and self-critical.

Need to study closely and lookup citations as well as other works by author as any other serious work on topic is likely to reference this (or be referenced by it).

Google Scholar has about 191 citations to this book. Total about 1190 to author full name.

But no mention in Anwar Shaikh (2016).

Hopefully find the paper (by German author) that explained emergence of exchange value and money mathematically with equivalence relations via citation to this.

(Since found Ulrich Krause – not sure if same)

Does not attempt to seriously deal with current monetary system. But essential preliminary to any such attempt.


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