Each sub-category under Projects will be reserved for a semi-independent project.

This may be used for re-organizing the main site and exporting to other domains.

The Admin project will be used for information about organizing the site as a whole, including the controlled use of categories and tags.

Also each contributor here will have a personal project under their WordPress display name. This may be used as a convenience for material that does not belong in the main menu system.

As all tags as well as categories are controlled, individual contributors cannot create new categories and must only add their own tags prefixed with their display name and using a URL id that follows the three level format:


Each contributor should provide a personal Tags post explaining the attribute-values that they are using.

These individual tags are primarily for the convenience of the individual contributor and the required prefix simply prevents overlap and clashes. However listing individual usage on a Tags post helps ensure consistent usage. If you check the Tags pages of others first when deciding your own usage the resulting coherence may also help make your own tags possibly intelligible and useful to others.

For example tags with the following attributes should be used by each contributor to individually tag a post specifically in relation to themselves:

See my personal Tags page for explanation of the attribute values I am using for the attributes edit, level, perusal and when.

username-accept-eta Acceptance of a task described in a post with ETA in format YYyymmdd eg YY1801 for intended completion by end of January 2018.

username-delegate-who Attempt to delegate a task described in a post to another contributor with username who (or unspecified). (Who could accept with an ETA as above or reject as below).

username-edit- Editing work required. (Similar to wikipedia “citation required” etc?)

username-level- Credibility assigned to the contents of the post.

username-perusal- Extent to which work cited in post has been perused.

username-reject Proposed or potential delegation rejected.

username-when- Priority for reviewing or doing further work on a post or the task described in a post.

If you cannot edit a post to add a tag directly, just include the tag name with a link to the full tag URL in a comment. This also provides a timestamp for the tagging (and provides shorthand responses to posts by others).




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