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Basic empirical data relied on by Maksakovsky. Should have been included by editor when publishing his seminar report. Perhaps just assumed limited circle of readers already had it just as seminar participants would have.

(“Unknown publisher” of various Russian translations of western texts were presumably in house translation services providing essential materials for various institutions. U.S. JPRS used to do extensive Chinese translations until the various agencies got enough Chinese speaking staff to not need study of Chinese materials by non-Chinese speakers. Many bourgeois intelligensia would have been able to do this sort of translation work (and little else) so that new forces with less language skills could do their work).

Trove says freely available from Hathi Trust:

English, Book edition: The Harvard index of general business conditions; its interpretation. Harvard University. Committee on Economic Research.

Bookmark: http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/48285884
Physical Description
8 pages :

16 p.
Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard economic service, 1922.

Cambridge, Mass., Harvard Economic Service, 1923.

Cambridge, Mass., Harvard university committee on economic research, 1923.

1. Download via library account. All versions and all “similar” listed on left sidebar here:


(I got it before – no problem but quicker to get again than find old copy and also want the rest.)

Keep links for use when putting online here.
2. Get actual stats related relevant docs and put both online.

3. Find successors (NBER?) and later stats and later literature like below.


title =     {Business Cycles and Depressions: An Encyclopedia},

author =    {David Glasner},

publisher = {Routledge},

isbn =      {0824009444,9780824009441},

year =      {1997},

series =    {Garland Reference Library of Social Science},

edition =   {1st},

volume =    {},

url =       {http://gen.lib.rus.ec/book/index.php?md5=FB3A123950D4DE5BEEFECCC3ED787D9F}}

(Garland Reference Library of Social Science) David Glasner-Business Cycles and Depressions_ An Encyclopedia-Routledge (1997).pdf

4. Needed before getting to grips with current business cycle/economic literature.

5. Prepare good presentation of statistics for comparison with Maksakovsky phases.

6. Ditto for later stats.

Bullock et al Construction and Interpretation of the Harvard Index of Business Conditions1927977.pdf

Bullock, C. J.; Persons, W. M.; Crum, W. L. “The Construction and Interpretation of the Harvard Index of Business Conditions”, Review of Economics and Statistics, April 1927 Volume 9 Issue 2 pp74-92.

DOI: 10.2307/1927977


Bullock and Crum The Harvard Index of Economic Conditions Interpretation and Performance, 1919-31_1927140.pdf

C. J. Bullock and W. L. Crum, “The Harvard Index of Economic Conditions: Interpretation and Performance, 1919-31”, Review of Economics and Statistics, August 1932 Volume:14 Issue 3 pp132-148.

DOI: 10.2307/1927140


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