Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises

New Index

Errata (entry form and inconvenient paged display – 7 pages+)

(also have old download of single file: Capitalism-Errata-Master-List-1.docx but cannot find link now)

This sub-category will have an arbitrary sequence of posts with title prefixes that sort aslphabetically to place appendices together with the relevant chapter and tables, figures, plates and footnotes together with the corresponding chapter or appendix.

The three parts are:

1. Foundations of the Analysis, Chapters 1-6

2. Real Competition, Chapters 6 to 11

3. Turbulent Macro Dynamics, Chapters 12 to 17.

Only Chapter numbers will be referenced, not Parts.

There are 3 levels below chapters. The first and third use obsolete roman nmberals (as do Parts). These are converted to ordinary 2 digit numbers as each of the 4 levels has at least one entry that needs 2 digits and none that needs 3 digits.

Example Part III/Chapter 15.VIII.1.iii “Inflation in the United States” will be referenced as 15C08.01.03

Appendix 4.1 “Production Flows and Stocks in National Accounts” will be 04A.01

Tables, Figures and Plates in Chapters will use T, F or P instead of C after the corresponding chapter number.

Tables and Firures in Appendices will use t or f.

Examples 04T01 (p126), 04t02.01 (p773), 08F.01 (p371), 06f07.01 (p833)

Equation numbers, page, paragraph line and footnote numbers may also be given following the above prefixes, especially for errata.

Prefixes like above will appear at the start of post titles, followed by descriptions of the post (not necessarily corresponding to section names in the table of contents).


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