Batteries, Chief Scientists and Learned Academies

Australia’s “Chief Scientist” and the “Australian Council of Learned Academies” have jointly issued a report “The Role of Energy Storage in Australia’s Future Energy Supply Mix“. This is supported by a series of 4 commissioned contributing work reports.

According to the media release:

The report explains that energy storage solutions can improve Australia’s energy system in two major ways. First, by providing greater security by stabilising frequencies that fluctuate within seconds especially with renewable energy sources such as wind and solar farms. Second, by improving reliability by providing additional back-up power when needed in times of high demand such as heatwaves.

The forward-looking report has 10 key findings and contains detailed modelling and a national survey of more than energy 1,000 energy consumers.

Among the findings is that recycling of lithium ion batteries is an opportunity for Australia, where we already have a history of recycling more than 90 per cent of lead-acid batteries.

The report was co-funded by ACOLA and the Office of the Chief Scientist.

After on Monday 20 November:

The full report can be found at

I did not make this up.

These people really are who they cleaim to be and their report has been widely publicized in the Australian mass media – without even a hint of irony.

It follows recent collapse of the South Australian grid following shutdowns of thermal plant and decisions to spend hundreds of millions on batteries to prevent this happening again due to unavailability of the inertia provided by spinning thermal turbines and on diesel generators to provide peaking power as they did not even plan for gas generators to replace the coal plants shut down by subsidies for intermittant energy sources that disappear when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow.

Elon Musk is featured in Australia as a visionary rather than a con-artist.

Australia may not even be an extreme example of lunacy in economic policies regarding R&D, climate change, energy and the built environment. Germany for example has experienced negative wholesale electricity prices.

I have not yet read the reports but hope to take them as an example for examining the extreme bankruptcy of bourgeois economics and working towards approaches for economic calculation in the transition from capitalism.


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