Marx-Engels Collected Works (MECW and MEGA)

Posts on joint works by Marx and Engels will be listed under Marx.

There will be sub-categories under Marx or Engels for MECW titles of works on which I expect to do multiple related posts (eg for “close reading” of Capital etc).

My focus is on main works relevant to future, not “scholarship”.

Nevertheless the following used by “scholars” are also worth knowing about.

See wikipedia MECW.

Page references and editorial note numbers will refer to the MECW versions with that prefix followed by a volume number.

“Official” online source for both authors is:


Original German and multilingual texts are in the comprehensive MEGA edition.

See also “Comparing Two Editions of Marx-Engels Collected Works”.

Files for 60 volumes listed here:

Any references to originals will be via MEGA volume and page number (but not likely as I don’t speak German).

4.45GB zip file of entire collection (not checked)!VoZnVA7C!CuP6XzGG-pgDNrtSM1ZkCw

All MECW volumes are available online as scanned .pdf files of varying quality via Library Genesis and elsewhere.

Most of the important stuff is also available as online hypertext files at various official and unofficial mirrors of Will usually include links but they can be easily found by searching for quoted titles and/or excerpts.

Audio and Epub versions of many items, both from above and from other editions are at several other sites. Harder to find.

Will occasionally reference other translations, eg Austin Lewis has interesting introductions of some important works and so may academic editions like those from C.U.P. and O.U.P.

Also the Penguin editions of Capital and Grundrisse are likewise easily accessible and widely used so I may cite those. (Penguin is often cited geographically as “Harmondsworth”)

Hal Draper‘s “The Marx-Engels Cyclopedia” is very useful. I use the hardcopy but I don’t have an online link.

Volume 1. Chronology (lives and activities, not just publications)

Volume 2. Register (comprehensive bibliography of originals and versions and translations with special lists and tables)

Volume 3. Glossary (proper names only – persons, organizations, periodicals etc – not concepts)






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