Making Capitalism Work

title={Making capitalism work: a program for preserving freedom and stabilizing prosperity},
author={Keezer, D.M.},

(Author wrong, should be Dexter Merriam Keezer et al. Cover has “& Associates”, 4 others listed on title page. Preface says “joint product of the members of the Department of Economics of the McGraw-Hill Publishing Company whose names are listed on the title page”)

Reviewed at doi

I have hardcopy. Don’t have an online link.

This is a stub to annotate later. Important for understanding why capitalism has survived and will continue to do so unless understood. Meanwhile see above review.

Main point that struck me was clear plan to maintain steady rate of surplus value in order to avoid crisis/revolution. Also encouraging export of capital (counter cyclically).

Reminds me of Walter Bagehot who explicitly argued that ruling class must grant everything the workers insist on in order to remain the ruling class. [Citation needed]

Possibly in “The English Constitution”. (Also worth reading again).

Not quite the same as “The Leopard” on “everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same”.

Also Marx quote of Stuart? re keeping workers in a state of “easy and liberal dependence”. [citation needed]


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