Wage Labour and Capital

Marx (1847). Lectures to German Workers Society in Brussels. First published in 1849. MECW9pp197-228 and notes 183-185. Publication interrupted by February 1848 revolution in France and Marx’s expulsion from Belgium as mentioned in preface to “A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy” (1859).

Unpublished notes for omitted concluding lectures are in “Wages” MECW6pp415-437 and notes 219-231.

This is a stub to annotate later.

Unlike Capital this was a “fortyeighter” work written for revolutionary workers. It was republished from 1880 in various German, Russian and English versions without the minor updates to the terms later adopted by Marx made by Engels in 1891 which became the official version with many more translations. It is the earliest mature economic work (as revised 1891). Already even the 1847 version clearly states many things that “Marxists” deny. These are worth noting.




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