Henryk Grossman

Rick Kuhn-Henryk Grossman and the Recovery of Marxism-University of Illinois Press (2006).pdf

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Henryk Grossman, Rick Kuhn, Rick Kuhn, Rick Kuhn, Rick Kuhn, Viktoria Ivanova, Einde O’Callaghan-Henryk Grossman, Rick Kuhn_ Fifty Years of Struggle over Marxism 1883-1932_ Translated by Rick Kuhn and.epub

   title =     {Henryk Grossman, Rick Kuhn: Fifty Years of Struggle over Marxism 1883-1932: Translated by Rick Kuhn and Einde O’Callaghan. With an Introduction by Rick Kuhn.},

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Not yet at Library Genesis:

Capitalism’s Contradictions

Studies of Economic Thought Before and After Marx

by Henryk Grossman Edited by Rick Kuhn (all links from second were broken – reported so check again).

Ebook, 300 pages ISBN: 9781608467808 September 2017


“Henryk Grossman’s substantial essays highlight vital but still neglected aspects of Marx’s economic theory

Henryk Grossman was one of the best-known and most influential Marxist economists of the 20th century, and yet most of his work remains unavailable to English-speaking audiences. His most famous book, The Law of Accumulation and Breakdown of the Capitalist System written while Grossman was a member of the illustrious Frankfurt School—has been a point of reference for several generations of revolutionaries discontent with both Keynesian and Stalinist claims about Capitalism’s stability.

This volume, collected and introduced by Deutscher Prize winning Grossman biographer Rick Kuhn, assembles several of the Galician Marxist’s most important essays, and serves as an accessible introduction to his project of ‘recovering’ Marx. Throughout the collection, Grossman highlights distinctive features of Marx’s economic theory by contrasting it with the views of his forerunners, from Adam Smith to Jean Charles Sismondi. He then moves on to show how many Marxist economists import faulty assumptions from mainstream economics into their analyses, and in the process provides a unique overview of the major debates among Marxists over politics and economics between Marx’s death and the rise of Fascism in Germany.

Rick Kuhn’s invaluable introduction provides vital context for understanding the development of Grossman’s ideas and makes the case for their continued relevance to contemporary activists.”

Reviewed at Michael Roberts.

Worth doing response to main work “Law of the Accumulation and Breakdown” (1929)

Spreadsheets of reproduction schemes can also help understand contrast between Maksakovsky and theories connecting crisis to long run tendency of rate of profit more generally.


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