Marx’s reproduction schema are relevant to Capital Theory, Business Cycles, Value and other categories.

They are the starting point for developing a toy model implementing and further developing Maksakovsky’s Theory of the Capitalist Cycle.

Some references:

Unproductive Activity and Endogenous Technological Change in a Marxian Model of Economic Reproduction and Growth

Review of Radical Political Economics, v47, n1, 2015

  title={Marxian Reproduction Prices Versus Prices of Production: Probability and Convergence},
  author={Cockshott, W Paul},
  publisher={University of Glasgow}

TSSI polemic with Fred Moseley:

Part 12 includes spreadsheet:

via Michael Roberts review of Fred Moseley:

Longer version with links for bibliography:

Michael Heinrich’s Introduction to the three volume’s of Marx’s Capital:

Checkout rest of blog – into Agent based models and provided spreadsheets for above.

title = {Marxian Reproduction Schema (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)},
author = {Andrew Trigg},
publisher = {},
isbn = {0415336694,9780415336697,9780203328651},
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TSSI and checkout kapitalism101 blog:


Andrew Kliman

Has references:

get download

This is supposed to provide an online (cloud) simulation of above:

Follow up Alan Freedman:

Above all from unfinished google search:


Lenin “Once More on the Theory of Realisation” see also Economic Romanticism

“A Note on the Question of the Market Theory” (re Tugan-Baranovsky)

Development of Capitalism in Russia – Ch 1, 6

Lots more:

“On the So-Called Market Question” 1893 lost until 1937!

horrible graphic of table for transition from peasant subsistence to wage labor. Perhaps worth providing

proper spreadsheet as this results in unread?

repetition of marx’s first accumulation displayed ok:

horrible graphic tables for continuation, again perhaps worth fixing?

1900 legal marxists including Tugan:

1914 Tugan liberal professor:


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