This category will be for economic issues connected with transition from capitalism and results of such transition. Inevitably closely related to less economic issues of class struggle, politics etc etc.

Have to defer this as not needed for initial goals re Maksakovsky’s work. But highly relevant to later goals and the underlying purpose of doing so.

Meanwhile, here’s an initial set of references just from searching “Postcapitalism” at Library Genesis.

title = {PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future},
author = {Paul Mason [Mason, Paul]},
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Am still doing initial “read” (TTS) of above. Irritating start and LOTS I disagree with but also surprisingly insightful and certainly important for later carefully studying different views on very “live” issues. Can be forgiven a great many faults merely for drawing attention to Marx’s “Fragment on Machinery” and relevance of GNU Manifesto, “information wants to be free”, wikipedia etc.

title = {Inventing the future: postcapitalism and a world without work},
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Not started yet. “Demand full Automation” sounds refreshing! Also covers UBI.

title = {Omnia Sunt Communia: On the Commons and the Transformation to Postcapitalism},
author = {Massimo de Angelis},
publisher = {Zed Books},
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Looks less promising but worth checking eventually for opposing communitarian/greenie views.


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