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    1. Thanks, got your compressed file. Looks good.

      I guessed the 323Mb was from the “19 files” link:

      But URL you gave does not correspond and I cannot see a pdf file within “the show all” link that is 34MB or larger

      1. Where did you find your URL with 323MB?

      2. Should I temporarily replace the recommended “Best” download with yours at:


      3. Will want to include (assumed translation out of copyright) the translation of Chapter 3 section 2 on “Second and Third Volumes of Capital” as recommended by Borchardt see:


      4. Could be easier to extract from:


      That translation may still be in copyright. Could perhaps do “new mash translation” by adding corrections to old from new?

      4. Need to clearly record as we go every URL actually used to include proper catalog and attribution data that allows future retracing of steps while enhancing.

      I forgot to link to Marc record shown on main archive.org details page:

      That is “source” for Catalog in Prep, worldcat, open library etc.

      5. As well as above stuff I have been collecting others for possible future inclusion of extracts on crisis eg Soviet political economy Leontiev 1937 and Institute of Economics 1955 (2nd). See also for future extracts:


      plus possibly extracts from Engels on Feurbach, Communist Manifesto, Wages, Wage Labour and Capital, Value Price and Profit (abridgement)

      6. Most of above would be for a future version. Main thing now is just pure text with hyperlinked Table of Contents for version 1, but preferably including the Rosa Luxemburg chapter explicitly recommended by author.

      7. There is lots of meticulous footnotes which interrupt the flow. Would be good to convert them to end notes, at least for later edition. Suspect Wordprocessor can easily switch between footnotes and end notes so could perhaps be done while checking the OCR text?

      8. Should retain note of original pagination visible to users and perhaps linkable from ToC? There is a “scholarly publishing” format for this sort of stuff called TEI:


      Hopefully awareness of this can make it easier to not lose information that would need to be reconstructed to produce a “scholarly” edition as most of it would just need including in the wordprocessor doc in some form that can be fixed up later.

      Potential is that a “scholarly” edition would get into lots of academic libraries and so become more widely accessible in catalogs where people will look. Could be done either directly or via an academic publisher (who these days churn out academics completely done work without much editing). Retaining details of copyright free nature important for academic publisher.

      See also:


      9. Item 7 would be prelude to adding our own annotations. These plus introductions and supplements to each chapter and section and links to web page (here) for the references to Capital etc would end up gradually being improved to a final version worth mass distribution.

      10. Web pages here for each reference to Capital would link to both full text in various editions and summaries by Ed George, especially for reproduction schemes:

      Also glossaries:


      Can also have discussion and drafting here at those pages for improving from one version to another


      1. I’m not sure now where I got the zip file. I thought it was the very bottom link on the page. But apparently not.

        The Longuet version looks nicer. However the OCR is not as good as the DJVU text. Should I start work on that one? I could begin by putting it in Word and use the spell checker to identify typos. I could also remove end of line hyphenation. Then save as a plain text file. Other early jobs include removing headers and footers, and page numbers.


  1. 11. Sounds right to me.

    12. Plus links from Table of Contents (at front) to chapters.

    13. But check how the DJVU text indicates italics (and any boldface, underlines etc). If there is a lot you may want to get it from your own OCR of best version you have.

    14. Consider Marxist.org format as reference point (preface already there). HTML file for each chapter (perhaps via your initial Word, perhaps check archive.org’s html as may include italics etc.

    15. Calibre does do conversion of marxist.org collections linked from a single ToC direct to epub, doc, pdf etc very well. Try it by downloading Hilferding’s Finance Capital to single folder with the same file names (eg use “Down Them All” on Firefox) then reading in ToC page to Calibre and telling it to convert. (Pick that one for your test because Borchardt recommends it as companion volume to “People’s Marx” which we should also recommend.)

    16. When removing end of line hyphenation, replace with “soft-hyphen” that only appears when breaks at end of line. Word can do that.
    For page numbers convert to standard marker so readers can still see original page breaks eg [53] between end of page 52 and start of p53. Again check marxists.org some of the documents there do something like this – use their method.

    17. Phone when ready to discuss these and earlier 11 points.


  2. ABBYY.GZ is a zip file with an xml file in it. In a browser it is a lot of formatting gobbledegook followed by the text which is a a single column of letters. Word 2016 refuses to read it and Google Docs tells me it is too big.

    Got Batch Link Downloader for Chrome and successfully downloaded Finance Capital.

    Longuet pdf is much better to read and the OCR is not too bad.


    1. Thanks.
      1. I have now linked your compressed Longuet .pdf as “best”. Will draft post for C21st recommending it.
      2. If you are likely to have a shorter editable file relatively soon will wait (not doing immediately anyway).
      3. I cannot read the ABBY xml either (too big on Tablet). But still suspect it does include the italics etc info so could save a lot of editing.
      User guide here describes OCR editor. Likely to be relatively easy to edit with that (and impossible without it).
      4. I assume there are torrents for free versions around. Also there is a free linux command line version which could be run under Windows but you probably dont want command line (and it may not have the editor). ABBYY is definately the software recommended by marxists.org (and presumably archive.org) so I am pretty sure a free torrent would be available.
      5. Your OCR software may also just be able to work with the large file you compressed from directly and edit the OCR.


      1. I’m a third of the way through correcting the OCR of
        peoplesmarxabrid00marxuoft_djvu.txt. Also removing unwanted hyphens. Assisted by spell checker in Word.

        After that I will strip out carriage returns while retaining those between paras. I know a nifty way to do that.

        After that I could create a Word document and then
        do italics, endnotes, headers and footers , tables, contents pages. (There is no index.) The Word document can then be converted to PDF. We can play with page size, fonts and points sizes in Word.

        I am not sure the best way to create the web version. Both Word and Google docs can generate a web page from the docx file but it may not be what you want. Lots of their own style stuff. Also needs to be chopped up into chapters.


  3. Having acquired a minimal amount of Visual Basic I can now automatically add to Word documents html tags for bold, italics and headings.


    1. I again strongly recommend against doing this and instead using a non-proprietary (and non-HTML) standard plain text markup.
      Download leanpub manual. It is important. https://leanpub.com/manual

      Not that they automatically generate epub, mobi and pdf versions from the standard markup. (Also provide modified pdf with double page spread and wider central margin for print on demand with binding). Standard markup also trivially converts to marxists.org html and wikipedia.


      1. 1. re leanpub etc “coming months” (sigh)
        2. re Western Civilization have read both. Great article! Even managed to distract some of the usual Online Opinionators from merely repeating their customary comments to notice some of what it said!
        3. My phone broken, cannot fix till Monday.


    2. They also have an enhanced markya specification which adds some nice stuff but masy not translate as automatically to all other formats. It does translate to HTML 5 but I don’t know if marxists.org would need to do further clearning – if so their own processes might be happy to do it semi-automatically.


      The markua specification there is less mixed up with explaining leanpub publishing generally than in the leanpub manual. So you may prefer to start there. (But publishing “People’s Marx” first on leanpub is a good way to go).

      Doing things in Word will not add anything useful that cannot be done in the enhanced markua and will be more certain to add obstacles for translating to marxists.org and wikisource than for makua.

      There are lots of free markdown editors that will give you the same feel of using a wordprocessor as with Word, but will use only the standard markdown syntax instead of trying to use your document to sell more copies of Word due to others not being able to process it.


  4. PPS NEVER learn Visual Basic. It was carefully designed to stop you from learning more useful IT skill that don’t require Microsoft products.


      1. Got it thanks. That was quick!
        PS dont forget you can upload to WordPress when logged in to comment. No need for dropbox.


      1. 1.Thanks! Getting closer but says from German 3edn not 4edn? But with 4edn additions added. This may be essentiaĺy equivalent to MECW and both may be adequate substitute for 4edn. Will check against your hardcopy.
        2. Best link to quote is the description:
        Then the slightly shorter searchable pdf with (Ocr) text from “show all” files:
        3. Ehrbar looks very useful. Oddly I was at his site this morning and did not see it. Will at leasr include link to it and hopefully think of a way to use para numbers after comparing page numbers with your hardcopy.
        4. Am assuming Kerr edns redundant except as links.
        5. Still after Moscow with notes etc for C2 and C3, perhaps also V1. Check Google books and Worldcat.


    1. Thanks! I just finished TTS reading/listening to other two.

      Not planning to scan missing or bad quality pages – unless you interested for passing on.


    2. Got 2 more scan files to fix previous Hansen and then bookmark. Plus another 3 all just OCR for now – more to come b4 assemble.
      Cannot upload zip so 5 separate links.


      1. Got 1 from Libgen. Ignore AustrianNewClassical_front-17plusBad.pdf
        Also will send more bits for Hagemann before worth assembling.


  5. Here’s another for OCR. Also take a look to discuss, I will write something explaining that Neoclassical marginal theory of wages is actually Marx’s theory of wages determined by competition with machinery mystified ideologically. Prefer if you did and can send you related refs.


    1. Thanks! Take a look at Hansen yourself. Seems to be quite different from later Keynesianism in seriously studying the same issues and authors Maksakovsky was studying.
      I guess you are recovered.
      Would like to chat about wages article. Have you looked at above items? Are you interested in writing it?


    1. Thanks. Will update later. Your link seems to almost handle worst I could find quickly.

      1. Exporting direct from .docx to html with Word, LibreOffice, Google Docs
      2. and/or similar but better online converter that does superescripts as well as subscripts. Google has MANY search
      “word to html equations converter online”

      If above doesnt help let me know and I will work on it

      Unfortunately marxists.org advice looks VERY outdated so they probably do not support “mathjax” which is the easy way.
      Wikimedia will have better support. Then there may be an easy way to convert to marxists.org


    1. 1.Kerr 1909 looks like all 3 volumes at von Mises. same pagination as Kerr 1933 vol 2 at archive.org and same as my hardcopy 1925.
      Guess available and classical enough so should include full page numbering (or perhaps offsets from similar in MECW).
      Will do separate table with links for online versions including
      Guess should mention all formats for both archive.org and von Mises versions.

      2. Confirmed FLPH 807pp identical content to your 2nd printing 1968 hardcopy of C1, International Publishers, NY LCCCN 67-19754
      So got C1 ok now.

      3. I assume contents of MECW C2 and C3 also nearly identical and have got pagination from hardcopy so probably ok.but would still like a Moscow et al edition to check as otherwise only have online Kerr and MECW.

      4. Ehrbahr provides handy xref for C1 from Penguin (US Vintage) to German MEW page and para numbers of 4th edn so certainly
      worth including.

      5. Will draft a page with spreadsheet table headers etc.


  6. 1. Borchart tr Trask refs to C1 appear to be from english edition William Glaishner tr Moore and Aveling with usual english chapter numbering. I am guessing mentions of German edition refer to C2 and C3 fresh translations from German. So no need for German chapter numbers which are same for C2 and C3 though C3 was published in two parts.
    Not checked fully?
    Possibly future enhancement with para refs from Ehrbar?


    2. But Eden and Cedar Paul edition still may be useful
    Amazon claims to have kindle edition for ISBN that points to Allen and Unwin 1946

    This MIGHT be same.
    Hathi does have copies

    3. Also while I have links open this is the German original cited as Marx 1955 for


    Also lists
    d. The first edition of Capital in German is also published in MEGA 1983 II.5 pp.626-649.

    4. Still missing from full ToC is
    5. Also missing

    6. what about adding Grunrisse?

    7. Any others eg Poverty of Philosophy etc should be just marxists.org with MECW pages?


    1. Am installing Acrobat free reader for Android. Believe only PC versions can insert files. Hoping some Android app can extract them. Please make sample that extracts ok on your PC.


      1. Found a sample here
        Not found Android extractor but still like idea as can give links for separate downloads and online extractors.
        Please still do check it out yourself for creating the “Five Volumes of Capital” ToC as pdf with both working links and embedded html pages and spreadsheets to spread faster. Ditto for “People’s Marx” and other pubs of “The Maksakovsky Institute”


    1. 1.NEVER run a .exe file from torrent except in virtualbox
      2. most easy to find links are crap with lots off pop ups offering to infect your computer if you click ok for a prize
      3. rutracker.org and mirror http://rutracker.cr/forum/index.php recommended at reddit. Use chrome translation.
      4. you will need to register with email and read docs.
      5. sorry i cannot do it myself but it is worth getting in to the “scene”


  7. This 2gb torrent is downloading for me from piratebay proxy after ignoring lots of popup ads


    magnet link is a url you paste in to vuze add torrent


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