Other Platforms

Want Texmacs, not mentioned above. Might also work within GnuRoot on Android?

Fully programmable and also works as front end for Sage and more. Slow screen updates but nice keyboard entry of many symbols instead of relying on point and click. That should help with rough drafts in plain text files and use with mathjax etc.

Consider also TexStudio and Lyx. Perhaps others?

Meanwhile Cocalc more than adequate and can just rough out in text files when offline.

For offline focus on superset/supplement to Cocalc facilities.

Would be good to have enough skills to just use raw mathjax with keyboard shortcut macros in simple text editor so don’t rely on WYSIYG completely – be aware of \LaTeX codes.

Also investigate any facilities involving MathML etc that could carry semantics with Agda, Coq, Sage etc.

Leanpub Markua includes with {$$} and {\$$} markers.

WordPress similar?

Try to figure out a way to switch between standard prefix notation like f(g(h)) to more natural right hand suffix notation as in cats.

Haskell and Agda should be able to do this? So should Guile underlying Texmacs?


Need to know macro collections, emacs etc snippets, Maths classification codes. Standard terminologies, main journals and publishers and their style guides etc. Peer review mechanisms with etc.

eg Pick notations for cats, Geometric Algebra etc. Vocabulary from Proofwiki, Wikipedia and Walter Noll?


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