Input Output Tables

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Shorter explanation in UN SNA 2008:

Chapter 14: The supply and use tables and goods and services account

14.2 Term “product” now used instead of “commodity” for both flow and balance.

14.4 Product balance:

Turnover = productive consumption + consumption + accumulation

Output + imports = intermediate consumption + final consumption + capital formation + exports

Worth showing imports and exports even though set to 0 for now as will be needed later, for multiple local and regional as well as national tables with transport and trade margins. Will also need taxes and subsidies later.

14.5 Both sides at purchasing prices so add above extras to left side:

Output (at basic prices) + imports + trade margins + transport margins + taxes on products – subsidies on products = (at purchaser’s prices)

intermediate consumption + final consumption + capital formation + exports

Again, we set these extras to 0 for now.

Chapter 28: Input-output and other matrix-based analyses

Also describes Social Accounting Matrix.

For depreciation will also OECD manual on fixed capital:

via list with lots of other useful stuff:

Longer details in 2018 UN handbook below.

Handbook on Supply, Use and Input-Output Tables with Extensions and Applications

Here is a properly bookmarked 628 page, 7.3MB pdf of the final draft:

Sales No.:
ISBN: 978-92-1-1
eISBN: 978-92-1-0
Copyright © United Nations, 2018


After two pages for front cover and copyright the page numbers are i to xiv and 1-612, total 628.

Ignore other links to larger files with less descriptive file names.

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