PR Philosophy of Right


(Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought) Georg Wilhelm Fredrich Hegel, Allen W. Wood, H. B. Nisbet-Elements of the Philosophy of Right-Cambridge University Press (1991).pdf

Above seems to be the better translation.

Also played front and back matter from:

(Oxford World’s Classics) G. W. F. Hegel, Stephen Houlgate, T. M. Knox-Outlines of the Philosophy of Right -Oxford University Press, USA (2008).pdf

The excerpts from Knox’s translator’s introduction are useful on background logic.

Won’t bother with notes from merely having “played”.

PR clearly states that it presumes prior understanding of “Science of Logic”.

What I did pickup was that PR is of sufficient interest to be worth returning to for proper study after having at least read SL.

Will probably defer until after careful study of SL.

Also first played corresponding paragraphs from “Objective Spirit” in (Inwood) ES:

Georg W. F. Hegel-Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences. Volume 3_ Philosophy of Mind (1893).mobi
(did not get much out of that)

Will now play Marx’s Critique of Hegel’s PR (and possibly Engel’s Feuerbach and perhaps even German Ideology, but not Holy Family or Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts).

Then will continue with Robert Wood’s:

Hegel’s Introduction to the System – Encyclopedia phenomenology and psychology.pdf
Then decide whether to next do rest of Inwood ES and separate Inwood Commentary, or, more likely, next is EL.


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